Saturday, June 17, 2017

Modest + Modern Swimwear

Hello, ladies! Forgive me for my absence, but I have been unwell. This past week has been a bit difficult health-wise, but I do believe I am finally on the mend.

Let's talk swimwear!

I am not someone who has ever enjoyed swimming, but I do love being near the water. This summer, my family and I have a few fun vacations planned that require the use of a swimsuit. But what is a God-honoring woman to wear with all of the less than ideal options out there? And is it just me, or have swim suits become more and more revealing as each year goes by? It is truly unbelievable and even scandalous. It seems most women now choose to wear thong-like bikinis! This is the type of swimsuit one should reserve for the bedroom! The saddest part about this is that no one seems to be saying anything! This goes to show how low our society has fallen. Nakedness is no longer scandalous.

The two swimsuits pictured above are both flattering and dignified. But they are also cute and modern! You could wear something like this and feel comfortable walking around the beach/lake/pool area without worrying about exposing areas of your body that should remain private and hidden.

Remember, a woman should always dress with dignity, regardless of the context. This applies especially to mothers. Little eyes are always watching us!

The above swimsuit is the one I will be wearing this year. I love it for its elegant simplicity. The one I ordered is in a different pattern and color, and it is quite flattering. I plan on wearing a plain one piece bathing suit underneath for extra coverage.

If you are interested in ordering a swimsuit like the ones in the pictures, I recommend ModLi.