Saturday, December 19, 2020

Courtship vs. Dating

I have never dated.

“But,” you say, “how can that be when you’ve been married before?!”
Ah! But I was courted, and that, dear friends, is a big difference. Allow me to explain...
A courtship is entered into with the goal of marriage in mind. It has a purpose. It is intentional. There is no such thing as courting for fun. Entering into a courtship is a serious matter. Thus, it is imperative that both parties be ready for the commitment of lifelong, holy matrimony prior to taking such a step.
In a traditional courtship, the man approaches the woman’s father or other male guardian asking for his permission to court her. If the father finds this arrangement agreeable, he sends the man forth with his blessing. The relationship can then proceed under the guidance and counsel of both sets of parents.
Although there are no uniform guidelines or rules, many couples decide to refrain from physical touch, in an effort to maintain purity and protect the heart.
Courtship is ultimately a time to get to know one another while in the context of everyday life. Normally, a courting couple will never be alone. For the purpose of accountability and protection, they will always have a chaperone close by. Getting to know one another’s family is also very important during this time.
In short, a traditional courtship seeks to honor God by upholding the standards of purity, honor and respect He calls His children to 🌹

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