Saturday, December 19, 2020

Avoiding Mr. Willoughby

Why do good women settle for the Willoughbys of this world?

I believe it is due to a number of reasons. There’s fear, for one. Then there’s inexperience coupled with a low sense of worth. There might be a lack of patience too. And if we’re honest? There’s almost always a lack of proper discernment.

Combine all of these factors with the absence of wise parental counsel and you have yourself a recipe for disaster (just look at our poor, dear Marianne).

Ladies, your high standards are not a thing of shame. In fact, they are your protection.

And the waiting is actually a gift. Yes - a gift. “For everything there is a season.” (Eccl. 3:1)

It is a good thing to desire marriage. It is natural to want to be loved, treasured, led, and protected by a truly God-fearing, masculine man. Our hearts were made for this. But often times, the Lord’s answer is to wait. Perhaps He wishes to refine us still. After all, in order to attract a godly man, one must possess virtue and Christ-like character.

Yet, no matter how long the wait, we must not lose hope.

The Colonel Brandons of this world do exist. But it takes wisdom to avoid settling for a Mr. Willoughby instead.

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