Saturday, December 19, 2020

The Ideal Woman

What draws a man to a woman?

Quite a few things, actually.

According to author Helen B. Andelin, the ideal woman, from a man’s point of view, exhibits these eight main qualities:

• She understands men and their needs
• She shows deep, inner joy
• She has a worthy character
• She excels in the domestic arts
• She exudes femininity
• She radiates happiness
• She possesses fresh, glowing health
• She has a certain childlikeness about her
When a woman makes the attainment of such qualities her goal, she begins to unlock the power of her femininity. And blessed is the woman who makes good use of this God-given treasure!
A man cannot help but feel at peace in her presence. She captivates him with her sweet spirit. Her tender heart moves him to want to protect and shelter her. In contrast to his strong masculinity, her soft femininity enchants him.

The Scriptures praise such a woman, noting her worth as being higher even than rubies. She is selfless and kind - a crown to her husband and a light to those around her.

This woman has understood the key to her own success as man’s counterpart. And yet few there be that find it. For truth, as you may know, only falls upon the humble and seeking.

Let she who understands, never lose hope. A woman of virtue will always shine brightly to a man of good character.

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