Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Deference to Your Man

 "Deference to your man is the height of true femininity. It makes a woman beautiful, gracious, and lovely to all, but most especially to her husband.”

-Debi Pearl 

To show deference towards one’s husband is to act with humble submission and respect. It means to revere him, as Sarah revered Abraham in the Scriptures, calling him lord.  

Only a heart overflowing with thankfulness is capable of expressing such an immense level of honor.

A wise woman knows that for a man to choose her - for him to love her - pledging every part of himself to her and her alone, is a gift whose value surpasses all earthly treasures.

Her response to this truth should always be one of extreme appreciation and delight. How fortunate and blessed is she!

In her mind, this husband of hers is the greatest in all the world. She never desires to change him, for she understands that this is not her job. Instead, he receives only her total acceptance and admiration. How easy it is, then, for his heart to safely trust in her! How easy for him to cherish her!

The book of Sirach states, “Fortunate is the husband of a good wife, because he will live twice as long.”

So you see, the power of a woman’s deference towards her man is such that she need not even be beautiful, thin, or an excellent homemaker in order to be the recipient of his love and adoration. 

Wise women take note 📝 

A heavenly marriage is entirely within your reach! The Scriptures bear testimony to these truths.

Let us humble ourselves to hear and obey.

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