Saturday, December 19, 2020

In Godly Obedience Lies Freedom

Why are homemakers looked down upon?

Why is the devoted, submissive wife held in such disdain?

Why are large families often the brunt of jokes and ridicule?

Why is true, biblical masculinity (and femininity) so viciously attacked?

Because every one of these things pose a threat to the Enemy.

Every one of these things is a sign of contradiction.

And the darkness cannot stand our obedience to the Word of God.

Why? Because we who read and apply God’s Word can never be enslaved.

Only in godly obedience lies freedom.

Remember this beautiful paradox as you go about your day. Remember this biblical truth as you embrace your God-given, God-ordained roles, dear brothers and sisters in Messiah. Remember this when you are hated and reviled for His name’s sake.

We pledge allegiance to a Heavenly King, and it is only His approval we seek.

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