Monday, December 14, 2020

Why Skirts & Dresses Only?


Why do Some Christian Women Wear Only Skirts & Dresses?


A loose, flowing garment conceals rather than reveals. Pants, no matter how baggy they may be, outline the feminine form in a way a modest skirt or dress simply cannot. Skin tight pants are the worst offenders, as they leave nothing to the imagination, thus exposing the shape of a woman's legs and her most sensual areas. That which is sacred should always be protected and shrouded in holy mystery.


Unlike the masculine form, with its sharper features, the feminine form expresses itself in rounder, softer angles. This difference is also seen in the way we move. A woman's movements (particularly if she is very feminine), flow gracefully, whereas a man's are more jagged. Skirts and dresses, being soft, round, and flowing, thus accord with the feminine nature. Pants, being straight and narrow, are better suited to the masculine form.


In 1851, Amelia Bloomer, an early feminist and staunch supporter of reformer Susan B. Anthony, was one of the first women to appear in public wearing trousers. Her desire to wear what has historically been the male garment, sparked a rebellion against traditional gender roles that has continued to this day. Pants on women quickly became a symbol of resistance, challenging the biblical order of the family, with the man as head.


The most beautiful paintings of women always feature them in lovely, flowing garments. This is because clothing is supposed to reflect the traits of its wearer. Feminine clothing differs vastly from its masculine counterpart. Truth and beauty please the eye and draw the soul. Artists know this. On the other hand, androgyny, with its relentless push for equality, is ugly and boring.


Those of us who wore pants for many years before coming to our conviction, eventually begin to realize the superior comfort skirts and dresses offer. Whereas pants - and jeans in particular - are designed to cling to the body, skirts and dresses hang gracefully, allowing air to flow through. In colder weather, long skirts can trap heat and conceal extra layers underneath for added warmth.


So you see, my dear readers, there are many good reasons why a Christian woman may choose to wear only those garments which have traditionally been associated with femininity.

It is not a matter of wanting to appear better or more holy than one's Christian sisters. Instead, our choice to contradict the culture by our dress is how we personally honor God.

"It is quite certain that the skirt means female dignity."
-G.K. Chesterton

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